I am currently enrolled in Portfolio 4 of the Texas Creative program in the Stan Richards School of Advertising at The University of Texas and plan to graduate this coming May. Each semester I utilize strategy to study the creative process and concept campaigns for brands such as Jack Links, Instant Pot, and Venmo. As the art director of my team, I work with the Adobe Creative suite on a daily basis to mock up campaign visualizations and eventually final products. Each semester we take multiple brands to concept fleshed out and cross channel campaigns for each. For each brand I partnered a different copy writer in hopes to explore different outlooks of the creative process. 

In advertising, I believe visual language is everything. Therefore, as a creative, it is imperative to understand art and its background.  I am a simultaneous major in Studio Art and Texas Creative, to better learn how to pair traditional Studio practices of visual language with the digital world of marketing and advertising. I believe that the best advertisements are the perfect combination of artistic direction to hook the audience, paired with logic and analytics to drive the message home. I find, in advertising, the execution is as important as the message to reach out and resonate with a target market. I look forward to leveraging my creative training and skills to make an impact in the marketing and advertising industry.